Eye Vitamins and Vision Health Products

Macutene® Protect

60 Vegan Capsules

Macutene® Protect is an eye health
supplement that supports optimal macular
and retinal health using ultra-premium
ingredients based on multiple scientific studies


120 Vegan Softgels

Pristene® is specifically formulated
to support tear production with
ultra-premium ingredients


Eyecheck is committed to making the best eye supplements in the industry. We do this through:

  • 1
    Our careful selection of ultra-premium ingredients. While other eye supplements often contain inferior quality ingredients, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality ingredients for our products. (Learn more about our ingredients and why the source of each ingredient matters.)
  • 2
    Optimal levels clinically demonstrated to support eye health. The amount of each ingredient is carefully chosen to help optimize eye health.
  • 3
    A commitment to the highest quality standards of dietary supplement manufacturing. Eyecheck products are created with strict product design criteria and rigorous third-party testing of each ingredient. Although some of our ingredients are sourced internationally (e.g., our Quali-C which is made in Scotland), we are proud to have our products manufactured in the United States.

The bottom line is we make products that our own families take.


Eyecheck Products are formulated using ultra-premium ingredients based on science.

We only use premium ingredients as part of our commitment to create the best eye supplements in the industry. Each ingredient is carefully sourced and thoroughly tested to ensure that it is provided at the optimal levels clinically known to support eye health.

Eyecheck products undergo rigorous third party testing and certification.

Eyecheck as a company has a strong commitment to offering products that are vegan, environmentally sustainable, gluten-free and manufactured with non-GMO ingredients. We are proud that both Macutene® Protect and Pristene® have multiple certifications and third-party verification. Learn More about the different certifications and why they are important.

A Better partnership with your eyecare provider.

You can use eyecheck.com to order products, connect with your current eye care provider, and learn more about eye health. Eyecheck can also help monitor your compliance with Eyecheck products based on your order history to help support your eye health.